Weight Loss

weight-lossAcupuncture Weight Loss Program

  1. Weekly ‘ear tacks or seeds’ help with cravings and appetite throughout the week.
  2. Weekly Electro-acupuncture on the back for cravings and insulin stabilizing effect.  This treatment has been shown to also reduce diabetic sugar levels, thus it is a good treatment or preventative for diabetes…and it works great for reducing sweet cravings!
  3. If not on a diet program already, one will be recommended, most likely an app on your phone to teach you good healthy nutrition, aid in good choices and keep you honest!  A change in diet and lifestyle is necessary to achieve success.  Together we will work towards achieving this.
  4. Homeopathics and herbal formulas for thyroid, blood sugar, decrease in hunger, stress or pain are available and highly recommended, but optional.
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Weight Loss
We have four approaches to weight loss.