Wellness “… Dr. Hays has a wonderful blend of compassion and getting down to business. She helped me with all of my issues while answering the litany of questions I brought to her every week. I saw amazing results within 6 weeks.”

Acute Pain “… I fought my pain with ibuprofen for nine months after I had an ovarian cyst removed. The ibuprofen no longer helped me and I’d rather avoid traditional doctors and prescription drugs.”

Sports Injuries “… I have to admit that her “soft” Japanese style of acupuncture is one of the most pleasant and effective I have ever experienced. I can’t believe how fast the healing process has been due to consistent acupuncture treatments throughout the healing process.”

Allergies “… Dr. Hays provided a series of treatments that provided immediate results, After each appointment there was a noticable improvement in my breathing and reduction in eye irritation.”

Women’s Health “… I took acupuncture treatment from Dr Robin Hays for fertility issues. I took around 10 seatings. And I must say, it worked wonders for me. Dr Hays is very gentle when it comes to those acupuncture pins. Her knowledge and experience in this field is amazing.”

Children’s Health “… I took my young daughter to see her for eczema and within 2 treatments the eczema that had plagued her for a year disappeared. After that both my children and I went to see her on a regular basis. She is kind and patient and always listened to the children to see how they were feeling and what they thought of the treatment. “