Treating Fertility / Infertility

Multi-faceted Approach to Treating Fertility:

Developed and Fine-tuned Over My 20 Years in Practice

Many glands and relationships between glands can affect your ability to conceive.
I look at many different systems, as do the most successful reproductive specialists.

Here is what I look at and balance in your system to create a fertile environment for
your upcoming pregnancy:

  • Uterine Lining Treatment: must be rich, even and thick, like a
    fertile valley for implantation of the embryo
  • Temperature Charts: If your temperature chart is choppy, your
    liver may be out of balance. A shortened second phase is the result of
    Kidney Yang Deficiency. I treat you to balance your system so that your
    chart is picture perfect, creating the ultimate fertile environment.
  • Applied kinesiology is used to ‘muscle test’ your system to see
    if the following systems and markers are out of balance, and to see what
    specific supplements or herbs will correct that imbalance.
  • Thyroid, Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Testosterone, Ovaries: need to be
    balanced to produce FSH and a timely ovulation
  • Natural Killer Cells: can kill off the Sperm or Embryo: Allows us
    to see if you have an ‘allergy’ to sperm or embryos, so that we can treat your
    system to recognize these as friendly rather than rejecting them.
  • Stress: Stress pulls blood flow to the adrenals (stress coping gland).
    The other glands get left out, therefore not producing enough hormones. Ovulation
    can disappear, making it impossible to get pregnant. Acupuncture is well known to
    act on stress and on depression.
  • Chinese Herbs: Chinese herbs, administered in capsules, increase fertility
    in many specific ways if used appropriately for your specific imbalance.
  • Supplements: I have had a number of patients get pregnant on supplementation
    for the glands. Spleen and Iodine supplementation for one patient resulted in a
    pregnancy within 15 days of her first treatment. Pituitary supplementation will
    be appropriate for some. It all depends on the results of the diagnostic criteria.
  • Homeopathy: I muscle test your system to see whether homeopathy, supplements,
    or Chinese herbs will best balance out your system.
  • Diet: Appropriate diet for fertility enhancement will be given.
  • Polycystic Ovarian Disease: I work to create normal and timely ovulation.
    I often have patients that start their period the day after their first treatment at
    my office, after an extended time with no period.
  • IVF Support: I work with Fertility doctors to assure good eggs and
    lining for successful IVF.